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What is organic food? Aren’t all foods organic? These are logical questions attendant everyone who wants to be healthy. What is ecologically clean food?

This is food grown only with natural products. It price is much higher than this of the standard controlled food, but this is reasoned. It is prepared, stored, preserved and packed only with natural, chemically non-manipulated additional agents, which are proven as harmless for people.

Since ancient ages people used food as medication against different diseases. Really, everything new is well-forgotten old!

Bee honey is a unique product from the live nature, containing more than 400 biologically active ingredients. For centuries bee honey and bee products are used as foods to enrich the nutritive menu for people with different health problems. They have favourable influence over the structure and function of many organs and systems: cardiovascular, excretory, liver, nervous, skin.

Folk medicine assigns to bee honey miraculous rejuvenescent and healing qualities. Honey is concentrated nourishing organic food. It is well known fact that main part of human food is carbohydrates. In bee honey they rich 80-90% level. Bee honey is mixture from two simple sugars – glucose and fructose. These monosaccharides are pure food and they are easily absorbed from the human body. Sugars in honey have many advantages compared with the processed sugar. Scientist says that everyday use of honey should be golden rule for people in their fight against atherosclerosis and infarct. In bee honey are founded the following acids: lactic, oxalic, apple, citric, wine and 17 amino acids. National and foreign scientist research reports shows that honey contains vitamins:  В1, В2, В3, В6, Н, К, С, Е, provitamin А, РР. Bee honey contains also ether and aromatic substances, colouring agents.